Smart Women, Dumb Luck Romantic Suspense
Nexi Ketts has reinvented herself-new name, new look, new life. She makes her living catching corporate cheats - partial atonement for dear old dad's embezzling ways. When a man she beds tries to kill her, Nexi flees, naked, causing a fender bender, and making it damn hard for Detective Barry Gerton to think clearly. A second attack convinces Barry the secretive Nexi is the target of an assassin. But why?

The answer appears related to a fraud case in Jamaica. Soon the couple begins a heart-stopping, cross-island game of hide-and-seek that will end in a harrowing descent into the depths of Dragon's Throat cave.
Three men want Riley Reid. One wants her dead.

When a homegrown terrorist group threatens to turn prestigious Blue Ridge University into a funeral pyre, Riley, BRU's Director of Security, is thrown into a shadow world where old hatreds run deep, family feuds poison relationships, and death and danger spill off the college campus into mountain wilderness. To survive, the former FBI agent must decide who deserves her trust. Not easy when her choices include a one-time lover her family regards as evil incarnate and a cheating ex-husband who claims he wants her back.
Dead Cure, the third book in the series, focuses on Kate Johnson, the third 'Smart' friend. Kate is taking part in a post-doctoral research program. But recent discoveries have Kate as worried about her mentor's deadly methods as the ravages of the disease she's hoping to cure.