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I hope you have half as much fun reading my mysteries and suspense novels as I have researching and writing them. Amazing how much better I sleep after finding a cool way to disappear villains who should never get away.  


I try to deliver thrills while ensuring justice is served & laughter's plentiful. My smart heroines & heroes are imperfect, but well-intentioned--just like the folks who inspire me.


I love reading, a passion I hope you share.

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Hot off the press!

A Killer App, my third HOA Mystery, is out!. Artificial Intelligence plays a starring role in the plot's chilling look at AI's potential use against personal enemies.  

The series is set in the South Carolina Lowcountry, where my retired Coast Guard heroine lives on a boat.

Joseph Finder —"Vivid characters..."

"Lovely delivers solid plotting and vivid characters, but a memorable villain with an ingenious and all-too-plausible criminal technique are what sets A KILLER APP apart."—Joseph Finder, NY Times bestselling author of House on Fire

Debra Goldstein—"Spellbound..."

“...spellbound by the interweaving of treachery, artificial intelligence, and the effectiveness of the human brain. Between well-drawn characters and a story told in a linear fashion through different character points of view, the reader is consistently engaged in this well-paced novel..”—Debra Goldstein, award winning author

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