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Marley Clark Mysteries
A kick-ass heroine proves life after 50 can be an adventure

This traditional mystery series features a 52-year-old, retired military intelligence officer, who now works security on Dear Island, a private resort in the South Carolina Lowcountry.

Marley Clark, a retired military intelligence officer, works security on Dear Island. The feisty widow’s yawner of a job transforms into a deadly battle of wits when she finds a corpse bobbing naked in a Jacuzzi amid a potpourri of veggies. With Detective Mann, she sorts through a viper’s nest of suspects as a pun-loving killer plans her grizzly epitaph.  

Marley Clark attempts to save a billionaire when he tumbles from a tourist boat captained by her cousin. The victim—founder of a biotech empire—is dead before his body hits the water. As Marley becomes embroiled in the murder investigation, members of the tycoon’s family perish faster than overripe fruit, and the arrogant head of a security firm renews an old vendetta. 

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