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HOA Mystery Series

Managing HOAs Can Be Murder

Book 1: With Neighbors Like These

Murder victims in Lowcountry homeowner associations appear to have only two things in common—they riled neighbors and their corpses were posed to shock.


Are HOA feuds provoking these murders? ​Kylee Kane, a retired Coast Guard investigator, agrees to help her friend’s HOA management company find answers. After uncovering decades-old links between murder victims, Kylee IDs the killer’s next target. Can she foil a third act in the death-as-theater game or will she be the next corpse on display?

Tami Hoag —", fast page-turner..." 

“Linda Lovely delivers another twisty mystery with the perfect mix of wry humor and quirky characters. Anyone looking for a fun, fast page-turner, here it is!”—Tami Hoag, #1 NYT Bestselling Author

Book 2: Neighbors To Die For

Listening to spats over mulch color wasn't part of Kylee Kane’s Coast Guard retirement plans. But here she sits, listening to irate homeowners, when gunfire erupts & a SWAT team responds—long before anyone can call 911 to report an active shooter.

Days later, she finds a ghost boat.​ Not a soul onboard. Among the missing—presidents of HOAs managed by her employer. Are the incidents linked? As Kylee chips away at shift-the-blame deceptions, the ruthless killer expands his hit list. Will it be Kylee’s last Thanksgiving?

Lee Child —"An excellent mystery..." 

"An excellent mysterywritten with charm, appeal and wry humor - and ex-Coast Guard Kylee Kane is a great main character."—Lee Child, #1 NY Times Bestselling Author

Book 3: A Killer App

Kylee Kane, a security consultant for Welch HOA Management, finds the first victim crumpled at the bottom of a flight of stairs. She suspects the fall’s no accident and is tied to his campaign to prohibit rentals in his Hilton Head Island HOA. Yet, all obvious enemies have alibis.


When another Lowcountry HOA retiree dies in a hit-and-run boat tragedy, Kylee 

begins to suspect the Chameleon, an Artificial Intelligence expert, who can create a deepfake of almost anyone—living or dead—and has a talent for finding disturbed souls and laser-focusing their rage.  

Joseph Finder —"Vivid characters..."

"Lovely delivers solid plotting and vivid characters, but a memorable villain with an ingenious and all-too-plausible criminal technique are what sets A KILLER APP apart."—Joseph Finder, NY Times bestselling author of House on Fire

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